What is Potency in Diablo Immortal?

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Not so secondary when you consider its effects.

What is Potency in Diablo Immortal?

A list of Attributes exists for Diablo Immortal that affects the amount of damage players deal and, by extension, the amount of damage they take in-game.

Specific stats will count towards making your character even stronger depending on the character class you’ve chosen in-game. For the most part, players will want to focus on increasing their character’s Primary Attributes, as these attributes increase overall damage and an important in-game stat called Combat Rating.

Nevertheless, Secondary Attributes are likewise critical parameters to improve in-game. One of these stats dictates how long debuffs last on enemies and perfectly complements the new Legendary Class items recently added in Diablo Immortal – Potency.

What is Potency in Diablo Immortal

Potency is a Secondary Attribute that increases the duration of player-inflicted debuffs relative to the enemy’s Resistance Attribute in Diablo Immortal.

Examples of these debuffs include:

  • Stuns;
  • Slows;
  • Freeze;
  • Burn;
  • Poison;

As a rule of thumb, the lower the Resistance Attribute of the target relative to your character’s Potency values, the longer debuffs will last on the target, and vice-versa.

In cases where your Potency stat is much greater than your target’s Resistance, your character’s debuffs can gain up to 99% more duration for mobs and up to 50% more duration against players in PvP.

With the addition of the thirty-six new Legendary class items that focus on Damage Over Time in Diablo Immortal, the Potency Attribute will undoubtedly become an even more important Secondary Attribute in-game, as increased Potency can help prolong DoT effects on targets in both PvE and PvP.

How to Increase Potency in Diablo Immortal

Willpower will increase Combat Rating by 1 per point of Willpower. On the other hand, Potency and Resistance also increase by .01 point per point of Willpower.

If you want to increase your character’s Potency stat in Diablo Immortal, you must equip items and gear that increase your character’s Willpower Primary Attribute. Keep an eye out for random gear drops from Dungeon runs and equip ones that feature a lot of Potency stat, as these will count towards increasing your character’s overall Potency.

Increases Potency by 8 points at Rank 1. Alternatively, you can slot in Citrine Gems on your Secondary Equipment to increase Potency. Citrine Gems can be acquired from Hidden Lairs of the Hilts Trader.

Furthermore, upgrading some Paragon Tree Perks can also increase Potency. Paragon Trees such as the Gladiator, Vanquisher, and Treasure Hunter can increase Potency by four points for each Paragon point.

Potent Warrior

The Potency stat was previously reserved for classes that can take advantage of the increased debuff duration. These classes include the Barbarian, Necromancer, and the Wizard, which all have at least four unique skills that deal DoT damage to a large area.

The recent addition of DoT-focused Legendary Class items has opened up a world of possibilities in terms of skill and item builds for most classes in Diablo Immortal and has made Potency an even more critical stat in-game that could potentially increase overall DPS from DoT-based skills in-game.

So, there we have it! We hope we have given you a good idea about the Potency stat in Diablo Immortal through this guide.

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