Diablo Immortal: Thirty-six New Crowd Control Legendary Items

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Crowd Control-centric Legendary Items.

Diablo Immortal: Thirty-six New Crowd Control Legendary Items

Diablo Immortal’s Mini update saw the addition of multiple limited-time events like the Fractured Plane Event, Echo of the Immortal PvP Challenge, and the new Into the Dark Wood limited-time event.

Along with the usual bug fixes and feature updates, Blizzard surprised fans when they threw in another set of thirty-six Legendary Class items in the game. If you remember, Blizzard also added thirty-six Legendary class items a few updates ago, which focused on DoT or damage over time effects.

Below is a complete list of the thirty-six new Legendary class items and their effects.

Crowd Control Legendary Items

For this set of Legendary Items, Blizzard focuses on enhancing every class’s Crowd Control capability by giving all six classes the option to add valuable Crowd Control abilities to increase each class’s versatility.

There are more than a few ways to build each class to suit each player’s playstyle, and with the addition of these new Legendary class items, even the glass-cannon Demon Hunter class can become a Crowd Control maestro with the right items.

With that said, here are every Crowd Control Legendary class item for each class in Diablo Immortal.


Legendary ItemEffects
Armor Caste (Chest)Causes Furious Charge to send out shock waves when it comes into contact with walls. Deals X damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for Y seconds.
Grinning Effigy (Head)Triggers a counterattack that deals X damage to all nearby enemies each time the player takes damage.

Cooldown of Y seconds.
Haughty Behemoth (Pants)Grants Leap can knock enemies into the air upon landing.
The Hewer (Main Hand)Upon activation, Grab gains the ability to charge forward and grab the first enemy you come into contact with. Any enemy successfully grabbed will be carried a short distance and used as a body shield, damaging all enemies along the path. Finally, the Barbarian leaps into the air and slams the body to the ground, dealing damage and slowing all nearby enemies.
Steel Lamprey (Off-Hand)It gives Chained Spear the ability to mark enemies for X seconds. Any damage taken by marked enemies will heal the player for Y% of the total damage done.
Wreckfall (Shoulders)Using Whirlwind reduces all damage taken by X% while the skill is active.


Legendary ItemEffects
Batterhythm (Off-Hand)Increases Condemn damage by X% for every enemy hit. Maximum of Y% increased damage.
Flare-to-Mirror (Pants)Electrifies Draw and Quarter. Deals damage random enemies around the player and stuns enemies if they are affected three times.
Hard Censure (Chest)Gives Condemn the ability to call down a thunderbolt to a target location. Deals continuous damage.
Shining Aster (Shoulders)While Conjuration of Light, the player gains X% increased damage.
Suspended Rule (Main Hand)Alters Sweep Attack – player now throws the flail, causing a cyclone to form that picks up nearby enemies.
Zerratus Husk (Head)Shield charge gives a holy shield while charging. Reflects projectiles towards enemies for X damage.

Demon Hunter

Legendary ItemEffects
Clutching Nails (Pants)Increases Knife Trap’s damage and confines nearby enemies.
Decisive Report (Shoulders)Gives Multishot a knockback effect. 6-second cooldown.
Scatter Mask (Head)Vengeance deals instant X damage to nearby enemies and inflicts fear for Y seconds.
Spreading Shroud (Chest)Smoke Screen can now be thrown towards a targeted location. Deals continuous damage and reduces enemy vision in the area.
The Thud (Off-Hand)Increases Impale damage by X% to any enemy with an active harmful effect.
War Generosity (Main Hand)Explosive Arrow attacks generate explosions that knock enemies back. Has a cooldown of 1-second.


Legendary ItemEffects
Assemble the Wicked Tonfa (Off-Hand)Give Exploding Palm the ability to gather all nearby enemies in front of the player into a cluster.
Fleeting Soul Tonfa (Main Hand)Grants one spirit ally that rushes in a direction when using Mystic Allies. Deals damage all enemies along the spirit’s path and force all nearby enemies to attack it.
Fusing Crown (Head)Mystic Allies absorb X% of incoming damage.
Pacific Pledge (Chest)Gives Shield of Zen a chance to trigger a counterattack that deals X damage to nearby enemies.
Shimmerlinn (Shoulders)Wave of Light releases an energy wave that damages all enemies in its path. Applies Burn to all enemies affected.
Tottering Tower (Pants)Flying Kick gains the ability to stun enemies. Can now be charged to deal with a more powerful attack.


Legendary ItemEffects
Abnegation (Shoulders)Bone Spikes gain a knockback effect.
Drifter’s Fare (Off-Hand)Bone Spirits summons a skull that homes in on random enemies. Deals damage to all enemies along its path. Maximum X charges.
Empty Pit (Pants)Dark Curse summons an eye that forces all nearby enemies to attack it.
Ethereal Boundary (Chest)Activating Wraith Form removes all loss of control and movement speed slow effects.
Insererable Two (Head)Command Golem absorbs X% incoming damage you take.
Thrash Jaw (Main Hand)Grim Scythe now throws the scythe towards a target direction. Deals continuous damage and knocks enemies along its path.

Reduces Grim Scythe charges to 1.


Legendary ItemEffects
Extraction Harness (Shoulders)Teleport gains a debuff – removes the last harmful effect inflicted on the player.
Fragments Upon Fragments (Pants)Meteor will now drop several meteorites in a direction. Knock enemies away and Stuns them.
Halestone (Off-Hand)Activating Ice Armor will give player X charges of damage immunity. Also applies a Chill effect on all enemies that attack the player.
Quiet Downpour (Chest)Upon activation, Lightning Nova summons a giant nova that, when reactivated, bursts into smaller novae.

The giant Nova automatically turns into novae when it reaches its target destination.
Shiversent Stare (Head)Enemies that take damage from the Ray of Frost six times will cause enemies to become frozen.
Staggernick (Main Hand)Arcane Wind causes enemies to become knocked into the air and stunned.

Arcane Wind will no longer have a charge-up.

Crowd Boss

Crowd Control abilities work the best in PvE environments where players or teams need to put away hordes of enemies as quickly as possible. Crowd Control effects can help gather multiple enemies into a more manageable area so classes such as the Barbarian or Monk can quickly clear them out with their powerful AoE Skills.

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