Diablo Immortal: Thirty-Six New Class Legendary Items

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New Legendary Items bring powerful effects and buffs to each class in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Thirty-Six New Class Legendary Items

The July 20th update for Diablo Immortal was huge news for Diablo Immortal fans. Blizzard could have added the highly sought-after Class Change Mechanic and called it a day. However, they did not stop there – they also threw in several exciting new contents, such as a new Helliquary Raid Boss, two Limited-Time Events, and an all-new Cosmetic Set, to name a few.

While the Class Change Mechanic is undoubtedly the star of the update, the addition of thirty-six new Class Legendary Items will have fans jumping in excitement.

We have listed all thirty-six new Class Legendary Items and their effects in this guide.

Damage Over Time (DoT) in Diablo Immortal

DoT or Damage Over Time is a term used in many other games to describe a type of damage source that deals its total damage over a few seconds.

In Diablo Immortal, Bleed, Burn, Poison, Decay, and many other status effects added in the new update all count more or less as Damage Over Time.

Damage Over Time can either be inflicted by the player on enemy units or spawned as pools or areas that inflict DoT to enemies that stand on top of these areas. In addition, some class skills can inflict instant impact damage and additional DoT, such as the Crusader class’ Falling Sword Ability.

Blizzard says the newest batch of Legendary Items in the latest update is “primarily aimed at providing more opportunities for players to hardness damage over time effects.” – a quick look at the new Legendary Items list below will confirm that.

New Legendary Items By Class

The new batch of Legendary Items is focused on dealing damage over time, which should make builds and playstyle choices more interesting in Diablo Immortal.

Each class will receive six new Legendary Items that provide powerful DoT effects and buffs to some of the classes’ abilities in Diablo Immortal.

Here are the new Legendary Items and their effects sorted by class.


Legendary ItemEffects
Compromise Is LossGround Stomp rips the ground open and deals damage to all enemies in front of the player. Maximum of X charges.
Doom of the CowedWrath of the Berserker reduced the Movement Speed of all nearby enemies by X%.
Five Fresh ClawsGives Whirlwind the ability to reduce armor. Increases damage to enemies by X%. Stacks to a maximum of 5 times.
Lunatic TwinWith Frenzy fully stacked, each attack will deal X damage to enemies in front of the player. Has a Y-second cooldown.
Paste and PowderGives the Hammer of the Ancients a random chance to drop hammers in a targeted area multiple times.
The TremblingUndying Rage increases Movement Speed by X%.


Legendary ItemEffects
Forgotten SaviorFalling Sword gains the ability to Burn enemies.
Torrential RefrainCondemn now immediately detonates all of its damage on the enemies it hits.
DaybreakConsecration decreases damage taken by the player and their allies by X%.
Equal PortionsSacred Chain’s constrain ability removed. Sacred Chain now forms a chain of flames between enemies that inflict Burn damage on contact.
Stare of WrothShield Glare Burns enemies for X damage over Y seconds.
Heaven SquintsJudgment now conjures a continuous beam of light that the player can control.

Demon Hunter

Legendary ItemEffects
Hunter-GathererEscape fires X amount of rockets that lockin to nearby enemies when activated. Each rocket deals Y damage.
MurdermostVengeance increases critical strike chance by X% in exchange for Y% of the player’s HP per second.
Pinpoint OverflowMultishot fires all arrows in a targeted direction. Enemy units can take damage multiple times from this effect.
Puncta Obscura Impale causes enemies to Bleed for X damage over Y seconds.
ScrapdacksKnife Trap loses multiple charges, but scatters numerous mines that explode when stepped on.
Suit Mordant Smoke Screen hurls an acid bomb that deals damage over time.


Legendary ItemEffects
Endless TrialImprisoned Fist punch direction can now be changed while channeling. Using Imprisoned Fist consumes energy, which will recover when not in use.
Numb RealizationExploding Palm bleed gains an X% chance to detonate on other attacks.
Pugilist’s PresenceSeven-Sided Strike now attacks repeatedly in the same direction. Knocks enemies back for each strike.
Rattling ArmWave Strike turns into a pneumatic ball that pulls in and damages enemies over time.
Starving MosquitoFlying Dragon damage increased by X% for each enemy hit. Maximum of Y% increase.
Typhlot RobeCyclone Strike creates a random sandstorm that reduces enemy vision and deals damage.


Legendary ItemEffects
Arc of MiseryBones Spirits gains the ability to bounce off walls.
Clock of QuillsBone Armor will cause summons to deal damage over time to enemies.
Hissing SkinGrim Scythe increases all damage dealt by X% for every enemy hit. Maximum of Y%, for Z seconds.
Shared ServiceBone Armor reduces damage over time taken by the player by X%
Studied MenaceCorpse Lance causes enemies to decay. Deals X damage for Y seconds
VesperguardSkeletal Mage shoots continuous rays at enemies.


Legendary ItemEffects
The Aimless OneArcane Torrent fires missiles that random enemies around the player.
The EnervatorsRay of Frost creates an ice shield every time it damages an enemy. Absorbs X damage that stacks up to 10 times.
FireflurryScorch throws a ball of magma that explodes when it comes into contact with an enemy. Creates a pool of magma that inflicts Burn damage and Stuns enemies.
Ninety-Nine Wild ArcanaArcane Torrent damage increased by X%.
Waking InvocationRay of Frost creates an illusion that channels a beam of frost to a targeted area.
Weathering EyeArcane Wind applies X% reduction in Movement Speed for Y seconds.

Damage Over Time

DoT or Damage Over Time is an underrated debuff that can deal a huge amount of additional damage over time. Adding new DoT-focused Legendary Items for Diablo Immortal unlocks a new world of options for players in terms of item and skill builds for the six classes in-game.

It will only be a matter of time before die-hard Diablo Immortal fans come up with unique builds that complement these DoT-centric Legendary Items in-game.

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