Diablo Immortal: Scouring the Darkness Event Guide

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Only those brave enough to face the horrors the mists bring will be rewarded.

Diablo Immortal: Scouring the Darkness Event Guide

Scouring the Darkness is a limited-time event from 9/28/2022 until 10/19/2022 in Diablo Immortal. All players can take part in this special event where valuable loot awaits.

This guide has outlined everything you can expect from the Scouring the Darkness limited-time event in Diablo Immortal.

How does Scouring the Darkness work in Diablo Immortal?

The event is fairly simple – players only need to complete simple tasks to gain Marks of Cyrangar. Every Mark of Cyrangar that players collect will count towards the event progress tracker. The player will be rewarded with valuable event loot at certain points of the event progress bar (20, 35, 50, 65, and 75 Marks of Cyrangar).

Depending on the task at hand, certain tasks will reward at least 1 Mark of Cyrangar, while other tasks will reward as much as 2 Marks of Cyrangar. Of course, the more challenging the task, the more progress points you can expect to gain from completing it.

Players are given up to 9 tasks from the event window at any given time. Three more tasks are added daily at 3:00 AM server time. However, completing as many tasks as possible in the current list is important to make room for more tasks in the following days, as the event will only list up to 9 tasks in the event window.

Scouring the Darkness Rewards List

Players can get the following loot from completing certain progress points in the event progress tracker.

  • 10 Aspirant’s Keys (Progress 20)
  • Congratulations Chat Emoji (Progress 35)
  • 1 Legendary Crest & 25 Aspirant’s Keys (Progress 50)
  • 6 Crests & 25 Aspirant’s Keys (Progress 65)
  • 1 Legendary Crest & 40 Aspirant’s Keys (Progress 75)

Aside from the loot featured in the event tracker, players can also get a ton of valuable loot, like Enchanted Dust, Scrap Materials, and Gold.

Scouring the Darkness Tasks

Scouring the Darkness tasks will differ from one player to another depending on how many of the original 9 tasks they have already completed. Nevertheless, below are the first 9 tasks you can expect to get from the event.

  • Speak with Valstus in Westmarch.
  • Reach a kill streak of 30.
  • Complete 1 Elder Rift with Special Drop Rates Selected.
  • Complete 2 Elder Rifts/Complete 1 Elder Rift with a Warband member.
  • Kill 25 Elite Monsters/Kill 10 Elite Monsters with a Warband member.
  • Complete a Dungeon/Complete a Dungeon.
  • Create or Join a Warband.
  • Complete 1 Purge of the Depths.
  • Participate in the Defense of Cyrangar 1 time.

As mentioned previously, 3 new tasks will be added daily, which means you can expect to have a few more tasks every day and earn a steady stream of Marks of Cyrangar.

General Housecleaning

The tasks featured in the Scouring the Darkness limited-time event in Diablo Immortal is simple enough to complete daily. Some of the tasks can even be completed without you actively trying to complete them. A good example is when you must kill 25 Elite Monsters – a task you will easily complete during your daily Elder Rift routine.

Do not miss the chance to get valuable loot like Aspirant’s Keys, Scrap Materials, Gold, and Legendary Crests from the limited-time event, Scouring the Darkness, in Diablo Immortal. The event only runs from 9/28/2022 until 10/19/2022, so start collecting those Marks of Cyrangar now.

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