Diablo Immortal: Quick Statement

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Send your most-used phrases instantly in-game through Quick Statements.

Diablo Immortal: Quick Statement

Game developers continuously develop ways to make communication faster and more efficient in-game. As games become increasingly competitive, players must have a reliable way of sending information to allies or teammates to ensure that strategies and plays are executed to a T.

Competitive online games such as tactical FPS games and MMORPGs benefit significantly from quick and concise communication. Blizzard’s newest dungeon-crawler features a Quick Statement function that lets players send valuable information in-game with a touch of a button.

Communication in Diablo Immortal

There are multiple communication options present in Diablo Immortal.

The typical voice chat option is built into the game and offers a few other accessibility options to help players use text and voice to communicate with other players in-game.

On the other hand, the classic text box and text chat are also present in Diablo Immortal, where players can send text or emojis to other players in the same channel.

On top of the typical text chats, Blizzard has included a nifty supplemental text chat option, where players can edit and personalize short phrases and use them to relay quick information to other players on the field.

How to Use Quick Statement in Diablo Immortal

Customizing and using Quick Statement chats in Diablo Immortal is easy:

  1. Tap on the in-game text chat box:

2. Tap on the Quick Statement box to the right of the main text box:

Four options will appear on-screen. Tap on them to use them:

Or click on the small feather to the right of each statement to edit them and add your phrases:

To use the Quick Statements, open the text chat box like before and tap on your newly created custom Quick Statement.

Clearly and Concisely

While Diablo Immortal doesn’t have that same edge-of-your-seat action that other online competitive games possess, the action is intense enough for players to feel a need for a faster method of relaying quick information to teammates in-game.

Through the Quick Statements option, players can add in their most commonly used phrases to send messages with a simple button tap.

So, there we have it! We hope that we have given you a good idea about how to use and configure Quick Statements in Diablo Immortal.

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