Diablo Immortal: Legendary Crest Redesign Explained

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To help players tell one type from the other.

Diablo Immortal: Legendary Crest Redesign Explained

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is reported changing their Legendary Crest design for both the Legendary Crest and Eternal Legendary Crest in Diablo Immortal.

Why did they decide to change the way these Legendary Crests look in-game? We have gone into the details below.

Rare Crests vs. Legendary Crests vs. Eternal Legendary Crests

There are three different Crests that you can use to empower your Elder Rift, or Challenge Rift runs in Diablo Immortal – Rare Crests, Legendary Crests, and Eternal Legendary Crests.

To make things less confusing, here are the differences between these three Crests:

Rare Crest

The most basic Crest type there is. The Rare Crest is an Elder Rift/Challenge Rift modifier that increases your chances of getting Runes in your Elder Rift runs.

Rare Crests are free, and you can get at least one Rare Crest per day just by entering the Elder Rift at Westmarch. You can also visit the Hilts Trader and purchase up to two Rare Crests daily for 300 Hilts each.

Legendary Crests

If Rare Crests add a chance to get Runes on your Elder Rift run, Legendary Crests will add a chance to get those sought-after Legendary Gems.

Legendary Crests can be acquired from the Hilts Trader for 1600 Hilts. But, there’s a catch, you can only get one Legendary Crest from the Hilts Trader once a month.

Eternal Legendary Crests

Eternal Legendary Crests are essentially Legendary Crests in terms of use. The only difference is how one is acquired versus the other and how often one can be acquired in-game.

To make things easy to understand, you can think of these two Crests this way:

Legendary Crests = Legendary Crests acquired without spending real money.

Eternal Legendary Crests = Legendary Crests acquired by spending money.

Eternal Legendary Crests can be acquired by spending Eternal Orbs and exchanging those for Platinum. (Limited to just one purchase per week.) Afterward, you can exchange your Platinum for Eternal Legendary Crests at the Crest Merchant.

Another way you can get Eternal Legendary Crests is by crafting one at the Apprentice Jeweler. As many as 396 Embers are needed to craft an Eternal Legendary Crest, which means you will be limited to crafting just one Eternal Legendary Gem per week.

Alternatively, you can purchase Eternal Legendary Crests directly with Eternal Orbs at the Elder Rift.

Why is Blizzard Redesigning Legendary Crests?

Despite the differences in how these very similar Crests are acquired in-game, another key difference separates Legendary Gems from Eternal Legendary Gems – gem tradeability.

To cut it short, Legendary Gems acquired through Legendary Crests are not tradeable in the market, while Legendary Gems acquired through Eternal Legendary Crests are tradeable.

In addition, there has been some confusion regarding store-bought bundles that supposedly contain Eternal Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal. Because of their identical icons, some players have complained about being tricked into paying a premium for bundles that promised an Eternal Legendary Gem, only to find out that the Legendary Gem they acquired produced non-tradeable Legendary Gems.

In reply to a post on Reddit, Diablo Immortal Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng confirmed that the new Legendary Crest artwork was done “to help differentiate the Legendary Crest (which will become to Orange one) from the Eternal Legendary Crest (which will remain the purple one in the middle, that yields hems that can be sold on the Market). We want to make sure players know exactly what they’re getting when they make a purchase, view them in inventory, and use them at the Elder Rift entrance.”

The changes will also include shape changes to help with color-blind accessibility, and Blizzard will be adding Market Icon to the item description of the Eternal Legendary Crest to help differentiate it better. Lastly, the Elder Rift entrance will also receive a new Entrance UI that will let players choose between Eternal and non-Eternal Legendary Crests.

Different Yet Quite the Same

With this small change to how Legendary Crests and Eternal Legendary Crests look, players should have an easier time differentiating between the two Legendary Crest types in Diablo Immortal. This should help Blizzard curb any accusations around disguising Legendary Crests as Eternal Legendary Crests and is a step towards transparency for the game’s devs.

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