Diablo Immortal: Legacy of Horadrim Guide

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Holy vessels of the Horadric magi grant permanent status buffs in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Legacy of Horadrim Guide

Diablo Immortal is notorious for being pay-to-win as soon as you enter the endgame. If you want to stand head and shoulders in PvP versus other players, you will have to spend a lot to acquire those powerful Legendary Gems and powerful gear.

But while many players have expressed their disdain for the game’s endgame paywall, there are still ways for free-to-play players to get stronger in-game without spending a dime – the Legacy of Horadrim is one of these methods.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about the Legacy of Horadrim mechanic in Diablo Immortal.

What does the Legacy of Horadrim do in Diablo Immortal?

The Legacy of Horadrim is a character progression system in Diablo Immortal that can provide permanent status buffs to Attributes such as Damage, Life, Armor, Armor Penetration, Resistance, and Potency.

The Legacy of Horadrim is one of the free-to-play options for improving your character’s power levels in Diablo Immortal.

After unlocking Iben Fahd’s Sanctum in Westmarch, you can use the Shrine to place and upgrade any Vessels you have collected in-game.

How to unlock the Legacy of Horadrim in Diablo Immortal?

To unlock the Legacy of Horadrim, you must complete Challenge Rift with level 10 difficulty and reach character level 49 in Diablo Immortal.

Challenge Rift Level 10 Solo

Completing the Challenge Rift on Level 10 difficulty solo will drop Caldesann’s Compassion Vessel, which provides permanent buffs to Armor and Armor Penetration in Diablo Immortal.

Reaching Level 49

Aside from completing the Challenge Rift Level 10 solo, you must level up your character and reach Level 49 in Diablo Immortal. This is a requirement to start the Legacy of Horadrim quest in-game.

Completing the Legacy of Horadrim quest will unlock Iben Fahd’s Sanctum in Westmarch. After which, you can now place any Vessel at the Legacy Shrine. Activate it and reap permanent status buffs for Attributes such as Armor Penetration, Damage, and Potency, among a few others.

How to Upgrade Vessels

Visit the Shrine to get a good idea about how many upgrade materials you will need to upgrade your desired Vessel. After which, check out our guide on getting Aspirant’s Keys and collecting as much as possible. This will ensure you get as many materials as possible to upgrade your Vessels in Diablo Immortal.

Each Vessel will require varying amounts of Beryls, Garnets, or Sapphires if you wish to upgrade them. These materials can only be acquired by opening the chests found in Iben Fahd’s Sanctum in Westmarch through Aspirant’s Keys.

Keep in mind, however, that the upgrade requirement for upgrading Vessels increases each time you upgrade the Vessel. The same is true for Aspirant’s Keys and the number required to keep opening chests that contain upgrade materials for Vessels.

All Diablo Immortal Vessels List

Caldesan’s CompassionImproves Armor and Armor Penetration permanently.
Tal Rasha’s AuthorityImproves Damage permanently.
Cathan’s PietyImproves Armor permanently.
Zoltun Kulle’s IngenuityImproves Potency permanently.
Jered Cain’s VisionImproves Potency and Resistance permanently.
Nor Tiraj’s KnowledgeImproves Life permanently.
Guilt of the NamelessImproves Resistance permanently.
Nilfur’s PrecisionImproves Armor Penetration permanently.
Iben Fahd’s TenacityImproves Damage and Life permanently.

Canonically, the Horadric magi used Vessels to pass on their strengths to future generations of the Horadrim. Now that the Horadrim order has fallen, these ancient Vessels are yours for the taking. Collect all nine Vessels of the Horadric magi and inherit their power by bringing them to Iben Fahd’s Sanctum.

How to Use the Legacy Shrine

After completing the Legacy of Horadrim quest in Diablo Immortal, the Legacy Shrine will become available in Westmarch.

Approach the Shrine, place a vessel, and activate the Shrine to get a permanent buff. The buff you receive will depend on which type of Vessel you put in the Legacy Shrine. Refer to the Vessel list above to know what status buff to expect from each vessel type.

Horadric Legacy

Vessels are an excellent way to ensure your character stays competitive as you transition into Diablo Immortal’s endgame. The best part is that these permanent status buffs can be acquired for free and only really requires you to grind and collect those Aspirant’s Keys to keep upgrading your Vessels in-game.

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