Diablo Immortal Immunity Exploit

BY John

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XP Bugs and now this – Blizzard has a lot on their plate for the next Major Update.

Diablo Immortal Immunity Exploit

A Diablo Immortal player took to Reddit to share a two-minute and twenty-second video clip showing a team of players ganging up on a single player on PvP. What seemed like a fun normal PvP match at first turned into frustration as the players could not take down the single player no matter how hard they tried.

If you scroll down into the comments, you will come across another Reddit user who went through a similar situation on their server. This time, a Monk-class player was allegedly exhibiting the same immunity or extreme resistance to damage that is not possible against another player in PvP, let alone four.

These two instances were not the only reports of an immunity bug in Diablo Immortal, as yet another Redditor made the following comment in the same thread:

I faced same hack in battleground in european region this weel. Cheater was named Diz. We lost even tho our team had 7k res whale. I though I was lucky for once to have a giga whale in my team, and suddeny cheater appeared. 🙁


If you did not know, Whales are players who spent a ton of cash in Diablo Immortal to possess power levels beyond a typical Diablo Immortal player. If even an ultra-powerful whale could not put the clamps on a single player says a lot about this hack/exploit in-game.

Hopefully, Diablo Immortal devs can catch a whiff of these bugs/exploits in time for the next Major Update for Diablo Immortal in a few weeks and offer a permanent fix/ban to any player caught cheating or taking advantage of this immunity hack.

Until then, all Diablo Immortal players can do is pray they do not come across these players who take the word immortal in Diablo Immortal too seriously.

You can read the entire Reddit thread here.

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