Diablo Immortal: Gloomguide’s Prize Set and 36 New Legendary Items Arrive for Season 6

BY John

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Another set of Legendary items to complement the Gloomguide’s Prize set.

Diablo Immortal: Gloomguide's Prize Set and 36 New Legendary Items Arrive for Season 6

Blizzard has added a new set of Legendary items for Season 6, where each class will receive six pieces of armor that add a unique buff to class-specific skills and Dash skills in-game.

According to Blizzard, the new set of Legendary items was designed with the Gloomguide’s Prize set in mind – Set Items focused on improving the effects of using Dash skills in-game.

The new set of Legendary items should give players more options in terms of item and skill builds for their favorite classes in Diablo Immortal. We have listed all 36 new Legendary Items and their effects in this guide.

Gloomguide’s Prize Set – Dash and Terrify Opponents

Last season, Blizzard added new Set Items that focused on adding or amplifying the effects of Dash skills in Diablo Immortal. The Set Items offer varying effects depending on whether you have a 2-Piece, 4-Piece, or 6-Piece Set.

  • Gloomguide’s Prize (2-Piece Bonus) – Increases your damage done by 15% for three seconds after using a Dash skill.
  • Glooduigde’s Prize (4-Piece Bonus) – Increases your Critical Hit Chance by 22.5% for three seconds after using a Dash skill.
  • Gloomguide’s Prize (6-Piece Bonus) – Unleashes a wave of terror when your Dash skill ends, dealing X damage and causing nearby enemies to flee in Fear for three seconds. The wave of terror will only trigger when enemies are nearby but can not occur more often than every 40 seconds.

36 New Legendary Items

The 36 New Legendary Items bring improvements to various skill parameters for every class in the game. Players can expect improved skill duration, damage, debuff effects, and additional effects after using dash skills or other movement-based skills in Diablo Immortal.


  • Ancestors’ Stele (Head) – Increases Undying Rage’s duration by X seconds.
  • Drop by Drop (Shoulders) – Cleave’s Bleed will spread to two nearby enemies when it expires.
  • Flattener (Legs) – Increases Leap’s maximum charges by X.
  • Lumber-Cords (Chest) – Using Furious Charge will decrease all damage you receive by 5% for X seconds depending on how many enemies you hit. Stacks Y times.
  • Oncoming Brutality (Off-Hand) – Using Frenzy will increase the damage you deal by W% for X seconds. Stacks up to Y * Z%.
  • Pathraze (Main Hand) – Using Whirlwind will cause you to spin and charge forward. Deals X damage to all enemies along the path. Changes Whirlwind’s cooldown to Y seconds and its maximum charges to Z.


  • Cleansweep (Main Hand) – Using Sweep Attack will cause enemies to Bleed.
  • Helm of Abrasion (Head) – Shielded enemies will take X% damage from Shield Charge.
  • Objugation (Shoulders) – Judgment will track you and call down holy light from the heavens that target random enemies in range. Deals damage and slows affected targets.
  • Peer of Sturbend (Off-Hand) – Defeating enemies with Holy Banner will extend the remaining duration by X seconds. Maximum of Y seconds.
  • Trompdown (Legs) – Using Shield Charge will cause you to rush toward a target enemy. Affected targets will become stunned and knocked back.
  • Vainglory’s Star (Chest) – Increases the damage taken by enemies struck by Judgment by X% for Y seconds.

Demon Hunter

  • Causticity (Chest) – Using Rain of Vengeance will cause enemy armor to corrode. Affected units will take 2% more damage for Y seconds. Can stack five times.
  • Decoy’s Guide (Head) – Increases Escape max charges by X.
  • Hobbling Deck (Main Hand) – Using Strafe will scatter the ground behind you with caltrops. Deals X damage and slows enemy Movement Speed by Y%.
  • Live Bait (Shoulders) – Using Escape will cause you to tumble forward. For a short time, Escape can be activated again to return to your original location.
  • One’s Own Fusilade (Off-Hand) – Attacking with Sentry will mark enemies and increase the damage they receive by X% for Y seconds.
  • Secret Safeguard (Legs) – Escape grants a shield that absorbs X damage for Y seconds.


  • Ascending Raincloud (Shoulders) – Increases Evasion by X% for Y seconds after using Mystic Strike.
  • Consuming Trappings (Chest) – Adds a forward dash to Flying Dragon. Knocks back all enemies along the path and stuns them.
  • Leering Riptide (Off-Hand) – Wave Strike sends shockwaves to the ground, knocking enemies into the air. Affected enemies will receive damage and become stunned.
  • Peerless Conductor (Main Hand) – Deadly Reach’s third strike will knock enemies into the air.
  • The Traveling Scold (Legs) – Using Mystic Strike will cause you to charge to a target location. Enemies along the path will become knocked and receive damage.
  • Unsightly Method (Head) – Adds a stacking Slow effect to Inner Sanctuary until enemies become petrified.


  • Ebb and Leak (Head) – Grim Scythe will deal X% more damage for every 1% of the target’s missing HP. Maximum of Y%.
  • Pitiless Pace (Legs) – Wraith Form teleports you to a target location.
  • Revenant Wind (Main Hand) – Wraith Form summons spirits that haunt W nearby enemies. Deals X damage over Y seconds and reduces enemy Movement Speed by 2%.
  • Scurrying Ruin (Shoulders) – Using Bone Wall will cause you to dash forward. Deals damage to enemies in your path and conjures bone walls behind you.
  • Twin Vestige (Off-Hand) – Skeletal Mages can now be empowered. casts a Bone Spell when summoned.
  • Voiceless Scream (Shoulders) – Generates additional corpses when enemies affected by Dark Curse are defeated.


  • Blaster Cast (Off-Hand) – Adds two additional missiles to Magic Missile that deal X damage.
  • Blazing Brunt (Chest) – Adds two novae to Lightning Nova that orbit and damage nearby enemies.
  • Impact Event (Legs) – Adds smaller meteors to Meteor.
  • The Loom (Head) – Slow Time generates a dark realm that disables skills and basic attacks. Reduces vision of all enemies in the realm.
  • The Perfect Situation (Shoulders) – Increases Movement Speed by X% after using Teleport.
  • Scourcut (Main Hand) – Increases Disintegrate’s range by X%.

Enhanced Mobility

The Dash-skill-focused Legendary and Set Items should give movement-based skills some much-needed buffs and add a valuable dynamic to Dash abilities in Diablo Immortal.

While dash skills and mobility skills are already valuable on their own, having a secondary effect upon activation will help a ton with positioning around dungeons, and improve overall survivabilityy.