Diablo Immortal: Gambling Guide

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Gamble your way to exciting gear in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Gambling Guide

The limited-time event – Fractured Plane – offers a ton of XP and Gold rewards as well as the chance to take home one of the Legendary Items you have picked up in one of the fifteen floors of the dungeon. The free XP and Legendary items are, without a doubt, the most attractive rewards from the event. Nevertheless, completing this event will net you a ton of extra gold than you will know what to do with.

Gold has limited but valuable use in Diablo Immortal, as it is typically reserved for upgrading your gear in-game. Still, if you have a ton of extra Gold after upgrading all your gear, you might want to spend some to win even stronger gear from Gambling.

Where to Gamble in Diablo Immortal?

There is only one location for Gambling in Diablo Immortal, and that is at Westmarch.

The NPC you need to look for is Yakin’s Rarities & Antiquities shop located just southeast of Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch. However, you can’t just walk to Yakin and start gambling immediately.

To Gamble in Diablo Immortal, your character needs to reach Level 35 first. So start clearing those dungeons or spam Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts to gain tons of XP as quickly as possible.

Gambling Options

There is no option other than to ‘Buy’ at Yakin’s place. The item you get from gambling is completely random. But there are four Mystery categories that you can choose from his shop.

Below is a list of items you can get from Gambling to give you a better idea about what you are gambling for when buying at Yakin’s Rarities & Antiquities shop.

  • Mystery Weapon (Main Hand or Off-hand item)
  • Mystery Primary Armor (Head, Chest, Shoulder, or Leg armor)
  • Mystery Secondary Armor (Hands Waist, or Feet secondary armor)
  • Mystery Jewelry (Ring or Neck)

Players will be limited to 25 purchases for each type of Mystery item per day to stop players from throwing all their Gold away.

In addition, the items you can win from Gambling at Yakin’s Rarities & Antiquities shop will vary in quality. The most common type of items you can expect to get will be in the Magic and Rare tier, while the most difficult ones to get will be the Legendary and Set Items tier.

Another thing to note is that gambling prices increase each time you buy from Yakin. Players can gamble up to 10 times on the same type of item before prices increase by 150%. By the 25th purchase, the base price will have increased up to 500%.

Gambling Tips

Prioritize Gear Upgrades

It is easy to get carried away when gambling in Diablo Immortal. After all, the prospect of getting Legendary or Set Items by spending just a little bit of Gold is undeniably attractive to many players considering the rarity of these tiers of items.

Still, the chances of getting those Legendary and Set Items are pretty small when you think about it, so it might be best to limit your gambling attempts and save your Gold for more important gear upgrades.

Let’s face it – spending your Gold to incrementally upgrade your gear will net you a tangible improvement in-game versus spending a ton of Gold for a small chance of getting a more powerful item.

Salvage Unwanted Gear

It’s not all bad news if you do not get a Legendary Item or a Set Item after spending a ton of Gold from Yakin’s Rarities & Antiquities shop in Westmarch, as you are still getting an item anyway.

The good news is that you can easily Salvage any unwanted gear you acquire from Gambling and recycle them to become Scrap Materials and Enchanted Dust that you can use to upgrade your current gear.

New Drug

There are not many use cases for Gold in Diablo Immortal, so you’re bound to have quite a bit of extra Gold lying around if you’ve been spamming Elder Rift, Challenge Rift, and the new Fractured Plane event in-game.

You will earn even more as you continue your dungeon crawling routines in-game, so it might be a good idea to try gambling your Gold at Yakin’s Rarities & Antiquities shop at Westmarch. Who knows? You might get some awesome gear from gambling in Diablo Immortal. And if you do not, well, you can get at least Salvage unwanted gear you win from gambling and turn it into valuable upgrade materials to upgrade your gear in-game.

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