Diablo Immortal: Death Explained

BY John

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Hello, darkness, my old friend.

Diablo Immortal: Death Explained

As you gain more powerful loot and level up your character in Diablo Immortal, your character will naturally become stronger and more resilient to incoming damage. Aiming for gear that increases Vitality, Armor, and Defensive Rating can also influence how your character responds to damage sources in Diablo Immortal.

If things go as planned, you will have cleared the gungeon of a significant number of enemies and sped up your dungeon run. You will die if it does not, like all games with a health bar. Nevertheless, there will be instances where you will be punished for biting off more than you can chew, such as when you aggro 50+ enemies with the aim of taking all of them down with a single combo.

The last thing you want to do in an Elder Rift, Challenge Rift, or dungeon run is to die prematurely. The good news is that Dying in Diablo Immortal is not as bad as in previous games in the franchise.

What happens when you die in Diablo Immortal?

You will not lose anything and will not be penalized when you die in Diablo Immortal. Losing time and forfeiting your current Elder Rift, Challenge Rift, or dungeon run is probably the worst that could happen if you die in-game.

However, it is important to note that dying will cause the dungeon boss to replenish all their HP, so resurrecting on the spot will not give you any inherent advantages and will force you to fight the boss like you would from the start.

In PvP, dying frequently will cause you to become more difficult to revive (it takes longer), which can put your team at a disadvantage.

How to revive after dying in Diablo Immortal

If you kick the bucket while in any dungeon in Diablo Immortal, a couple of options appear.

When playing solo, you will be given a choice between being resurrected on the spot and spending some of your Ressurection Stone charges, or you can opt to be resurrected in the nearest town for free upon death.

If you’re out of Ressurection Stone charges, you will automatically be sent to the nearest town. On the other hand, resurrecting on the spot using a Resurrection Stone charge will allow you to continue your current dungeon run, so you won’t have to go through hoards of enemies again.

The good news is that you rarely run out of Resurrection Stone charges in Diablo Immortal since it automatically replenishes its charges as you kill many mobs in-game.

If you are playing with a team, your allies can revive you for free – PUBG-style. This way, you will not have to spend those hard-earned Resurrection Stone charges, and you will not be left watching from the sidelines.

Death Approaches

In almost any game with an HP bar, dying is probably the last thing you want to happen to you. Fortunately, Diablo Immortal lives up to its namesake and gives players a taste of what it is like to be immortal.

Dying in-game is cheap and will only require you to consume Resurrection Stone charges or sit back and watch the loading screen for a few seconds while the game takes you to the nearest town to be revived.

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