Diablo Immortal: Class Change Mechanic Added In New Update

BY John

Last Updated 3 weeks ago

Blizzard finally gives fans what they want.

Diablo Immortal: Class Change Mechanic Added In New Update

Typically, MMORPG players have no choice but to pick their favorite class from a handful of unique characters and stick with that class for the rest of their in-game journey.

While some MMORPGs give players the ability to create multiple profiles in-game so they can play different classes without affecting their main profiles, this meant that players had to start the grind all over again if they wanted to try out a different class – a luxury in time that not many players have.

The Class Change option has been a long sought-after feature that Diablo Immortal fans have been asking for. Blizzard has been pretty mum about adding the feature in-game since the game came out last month, so fans had zero ideas about when the feature might drop in-game.

Fans didn’t have to wait very long, as Blizzard has finally announced the addition of the Class Change Mechanic for Diablo Immortal in the next post-launch update.

Class Change Mechanic

It’s only been a month since Diablo Immortal officially came out. Yet, Blizzard has already announced the addition of a Class Change Mechanic for Diablo Immortal, which will be added in-game in the next post-launch update.

This new feature will allow players to experience what the other classes in-game have to offer without the downside of having to restart the entire game all over again.

Now, fans can switch to a different class while maintaining most of their previous in-game progress.

  • Available to players at Level 35
  • Players can only switch Classes once every seven days
    • Switching Classes won’t cost the player anything
    • Players can instantly revert to their previous class to bypass the seven-day switch wait time.
  • First-time class changes will give the player the option to set their player appearance and reset Paragon Trees.
  • The player will be granted placeholder gear upon changing classes the first time around.
    • Placeholder gear will be equivalent to the player’s previous gears’ ranks.
  • Clan, Warband, and other social group affiliations carry over when switching classes.
  • Because of the differences in Class models, cosmetics and gear will not carry over after switching classes but will be stored in the player’s inventory.
    • Cosmetics and gear for a previous class will be available when switching back to that class.

When will the new update for Diablo Immortal go live?

The new update will go live on July 20, 2022. Diablo Immortal fans will be able to switch their classes in-game and enjoy a host of other new features.

The latest post-launch update will include new endgame content, an event called the Adventurer’s Path, a new Helliquary Boss named Gorgothra the Claimer, and a limited-time event called Hungering Moon. Oh, and how can we forget about the new Amber Blades Cosmetic.

Switch It Up

The new post-launch update for Diablo Immortal is already looking fantastic. While the Class Change Mechanic is undoubtedly the highlight of this new update, the additional content, such as the new Helliquary Boss and the Amber Blades Cosmetic, are welcome additions to round off the entire feature update.

Fortunately, Diablo Immortal fans won’t have to wait long now, as the update is scheduled to drop in just a few more hours.