Diablo Immortal: Character Transfer & Server Mergers

BY John

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Server merges now let you play with more players from other servers.

Diablo Immortal: Character Transfer & Server Mergers

When Diablo Immortal came out in June, players could choose to play in just one from a laundry list of servers for their specific region. This gave players the freedom to find the best servers that offered the best ping for the best gaming experience.

Unfortunately, because players could only play with other Diablo Immortal players on the same server, players had no choice but to create a completely new character on another server if they wanted to play with friends on a completely different server.

To address this, Blizzard is scheduled to release a Content Update that introduces a nifty new feature called the Character Transfer feature. Through the Character Transfer feature, players can finally move their character from their current server to the server of their choice. Blizzard will give all players a chance to transfer a character of their choice for free, but players can also purchase subsequent transfers if they wish to do so.

Blizzard also sought to address the unnecessary number of servers per region, which results in fewer players per server, making finding PvP or PvE matches in these servers a hit or miss. To do this, Blizzard will be merging multiple servers into just groups of four per region.

Thanks to this server merge, players from one server in the same grouping will now be able to play with other players from three other servers that are also from the same group. This should effectively increase the number of players that are concurrently online and make finding teammates, and PvP matches a lot easier.

Here are the new groupings for each Region:

  • South America
    • [Bailey, Morlu, Vidian, Flavie]
    • [Torajan, Blunderbore, Asylla, Ghom]
    • [Oza, Izilech, Jondo, Gorgothra]
    • [Xul, Elzix, Belial, Akara]
  • East Asia 1-KR
    • [아스카리, 세릴, 라다먼트, 나탈랴]
    • [그리스월드, 사르고스, 아우리엘, 미카옐]
    • [와리브, 키대아, 자카, 카샤]
  • East Asia 2 – JP
    • [ラクリ, マノルク, オンゴリ, リリス]
    • [エスカラ, ゾヴ, ファヒール, イナリウス]
    • [ティラエル, アンダリエル, ザイム, ホラドリムのキューブ]
  • North America 1
    • [Caldesann, Kanai, Eternal Crown, Deckard Cain]
    • [Zolton Kulle, Sand Scorpions, Stormshield, Old Growth]
    • [Khalim’s Will, Purus the Decimator, Halls of the Blind, Hand of Justice]
  • North America 2
    • [Sin War, Prime Evils, Tree of Inifuss, Soul Siphon]
    • [Sandro the Mouth, The Malus, Iceburn Tear, The Worldstone]
    • [Plains of Despair, Town Portal, Wirt, Hadriel]

Blizzard will start merging servers on November 9, 2022, during scheduled maintenance. Depending on how the game’s population turns out in the coming months, Blizzard may or may not introduce another set of merges accordingly.

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