Diablo Immortal: Aspirant’s Keys Guide

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Unlock chests and get powerful status buffs in Diablo Immortal with Aspirant’s Keys.

Diablo Immortal: Aspirant's Keys Guide

There are multiple currencies in Diablo Immortal, and each one will serve a distinctly different purpose from the others in-game.

For example, Gold will primarily be used for upgrading your gear, gambling, and creating a clan, while Hilts can only really be used at the Hilts Trader in Westmarch. Currencies rarely overlap functions in Diablo Immortal, and most are specific to one type of use in-game.

Aspirant’s Keys is yet another currency that serves a specific purpose in Diablo Immortal. This guide covers everything you need to know about Aspirant’s Keys.

What are Aspirant’s Keys in Diablo Immortal

Aspirant’s Keys are an in-game currency that’s used to unlock chests found inside Iben Fahd’s sanctum. Players can typically find Culling Stones within these chests – items used to upgrade your character’s attributes to make them stronger in battle.

How to get Aspirant’s Keys in Diablo Immortal

Empowered Battle Pass

Upgrade your normal Battle Pass to the Empowered Battle Pass to get even more Aspirant’s Keys in Diablo Immortal.

By leveling up through all 40 levels of the Battle Pass, you can get as many as 36 Aspirant’s Keys from the Season 4 Battle Pass alone. And, if you go by the loot rewards trend in the Battle Pass, you can expect to get more or less the same amount in the next Empowered Battle Pass.

First Kill of the Day

Now and then, the First Kill of the Day event will also have a few Aspirant’s Keys up for grabs. This might be the easiest way to get Aspirant’s Keys in Diablo Immortal since you only have to score your first kill in-game for that day.

Limited Bundles

Some limited bundles will feature an Aspirant’s Key in their contents. Check the store for the following bundles:

  • Aspirant’s Supplies – x170 Aspirant’s Keys
  • Magnate’s Supplies – x170 Aspirant’s Keys
  • Pit of Anguish Trove – x60 Aspirant’s Keys
  • Champion’s Trove – x200 Aspirant’s Keys

Hilts Trader

You can also purchase Aspirant’s Keys at the Hilts Trader for 50 Hilts. However, the Hilts Trader will have a purchase limit for Aspirant’s Keys of just five keys a day.

Battlegrounds PvP

You can get a few Aspirant’s Keys by participating in the Battlegrounds PvP event in Diablo Immortal. Rank up from Bronze, Silver, Gold, to Legend to get 5, 6, 7, and 10 Aspirant’s Keys, respectively.

Shadows Assembly Raid

If you join the Shadows, participating in the Assembly will reward you with Aspirant’s Keys. The good news is that the Assembly is a regular activity you can come back and complete daily.

How to use Aspirant’s Keys in Diablo Immortal

As mentioned earlier, Aspirant’s Keys unlock Iben Fahd’s chests in the Aspirant’s Grounds.

The first chamber will feature a free chest and will drop 5 Culling Stones. The next chest you open will require 1 Aspirant’s Key and give you another 5 Culling Stones. Subsequent chests you open will require an additional Aspirant’s Key and give you 10, 20, and 40 Culling Stones, respectively.

You can spend up to 10 Aspirant’s Keys in the first chamber to get 70 Culling Stones of random types.

You can get even more Culling Stones after you have opened all the chests found in the first chamber, as a second chamber will be made available to you. However, you will need even more Aspirant’s Keys to open the chests found in the succeeding chambers.

You will need Aspirant’s Keys to upgrade Horidrim Vessels in Diablo Immortal. These vessels are responsible for giving your character additional permanent status buffs in-game.

To upgrade the Horadrim Vessels, you will need specific Culling Stones – Beryls, Garnets, and Sapphires – and take them to the Shrine to upgrade the appropriate vessels.

Aspirant Warrior

You’ll need as many Aspirant’s Keys as possible to get those precious Culling Stones and improve your character’s stats in Diablo Immortal. The good news is that there are multiple ways to acquire Aspirant’s Keys in-game. Whether you are okay with spending real money or not, you can get a decent amount of Aspirant’s Keys in-game by completing simple events and challenges.

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